Hello friends! Let’s chat about winterizing since it’s starting to look like that may be next on my plate. I’m really not ready to see summer slowing down but that’s all part of the deal I guess, gotta explore all the changing seasons. And I do really enjoy that part of it. Fall is aContinue reading “To-Dos”

Summer Days

Hello friends! Can you believe it’s September already! I cannot, where did the summer go? I swear it was just July but now suddenly the kiddos are back in school. Lots of things are signaling its fall and back to school season. A big one being the August 20th flip. When I moved to theContinue reading “Summer Days”

*Low Flying Airplane Noises*

Hello friends! So first of all, look at this super cool video my dad took! I’ve never been this close to an aerial applicator doing their job, it actually spooked me the first time they went past and I decided to stop and wait for the next pass so we could get a cool videoContinue reading “*Low Flying Airplane Noises*”

Tsch Tsch Tsch

Hello friends! What a week. I unfortunately got pretty sick again this week, but I think mostly due to the very long hours at work and the weather and pollen counts. It’s not been the most fun so I don’t have a huge amount to report.  My dad and Christopher were able to get someContinue reading “Tsch Tsch Tsch”

Spoiled Horse Diaries

Hello friends! In today’s episode of “I sure wish someone would treat me like I treat my horses”, Nellie and Ro-Ro are out sunning themselves under what is becoming an increasingly rare sunny day, after spending the night and early morning all snuggled up in fluffy warm blankets due to the rain. They are alsoContinue reading “Spoiled Horse Diaries”


Hello friends! Goodness, if it hasn’t been stormy lately. And cold! Looks like winter time just won’t quite give up yet. Usually by May we’ve settled into a nice pattern of outdoor time after work and dinner on the porch, short sleeves and sunscreen. But this year it’s really felt lucky if we see moreContinue reading “Stormin’”

Everyone Loves a Good Back Porch

Hello friends!Its officially work outside season, which is, of course, the best thing ever.Not only is there actual outside work to be done (like redoing the gardens) there’s also just “work that can be done outside”. Luckily, I can usually swing a couple hours outside with my work laptop before the battery starts screaming. It’sContinue reading “Everyone Loves a Good Back Porch”

It’s Blowin’

Hello friends!Winds blowing like crazy again. It does that this time of year, but it seems like it’s a little crazier this year. A little harder, a little colder, a little meaner.The other day it was blowing hard from the west, just a mean, terribly biting wind. This was especially odd since we almost neverContinue reading “It’s Blowin’”

Fix It Lists

Hello friends!The funny thing about spring time is that it’s always fix it season. It makes sense when you think about it, most things have sat around all winter, cold, unmoving, and without the general mini maintenance that comes with daily use.We have a little irrigation pump that we use to water the pasture andContinue reading “Fix It Lists”