*Low Flying Airplane Noises*

Hello friends! So first of all, look at this super cool video my dad took! I’ve never been this close to an aerial applicator doing their job, it actually spooked me the first time they went past and I decided to stop and wait for the next pass so we could get a cool videoContinue reading “*Low Flying Airplane Noises*”

Odds and Ends

Hello friends! I accidentally bought more hay. I say accidentally because there was a total miscommunication, no one’s fault, but somehow I thought I had said no to buying more than my usual hay (which I usually actually barter with my uncle for, a lot of things in farm country can be favor for favorContinue reading “Odds and Ends”

Two Steps Forward…

Hello friends! Anyone else ever get to feeling, sometimes, like they are just forever reacting to things instead of actually accomplishing new tasks and making any actual progress? This has been the whole farm this summer, seems like I cannot for the life of me get ahead, I just keep reacting to issues as theyContinue reading “Two Steps Forward…”

It’s Warm

Hello friends! It’s officially that time of the year where we have to be very careful not to melt. We don’t see highs below 100 or lows below 70 for the foreseeable future. Honestly, I don’t mind it. I’d love it if it was a little easier to get outside in the mornings, work kindaContinue reading “It’s Warm”

Squishing Ponies

Hello friends! In a happy turn, it looks like some of the garden that we thought was a goner is still with us! Some of our kohlrabi has come back, our potatoes are on their way, and maybe, just maybe the squash is holding its own. Pretty exciting considering the hard battle it had toContinue reading “Squishing Ponies”


Hello friends! The fiddle festival was in town last week! I had so so so much fun! I always love that little festival each year, love the camaraderie in the air, the music, the sunshine, and the inherent nostalgia for a different time. Love the visitors enjoying a town that’s close to my heart, theContinue reading “Fiddlin’”