Hippity Hop

Hello friends!Easter was fantastic at our house; I hope you had a lovely Easter too! (Or a lovely Passover or Ramadan).We got incredibly lucky with the weather. It poured all day the day before, and it actually snowed and blew and rained and hailed, etc. etc., basically the entire week before. We got approximately twoContinue reading “Hippity Hop”

Auld Lang Syne

Hello friends!Happy 2022!We made it. 2021 was an objectively very weird year, to be honest, it almost made 2020 look mundane, and I was scarily unemployed and surviving on my savings for a portion of 2020.2021 had some extreme highs and lows.Obviously some of the lows included losing family members both of the two andContinue reading “Auld Lang Syne”

The Ho-Ho-Holidays

Hello friends! (Happy New Years! I am admittedly writing this on the 29th, because I won’t be around the internet much this weekend, but I hope your New Years Weekend is everything you wished, and that 2022 is amazing!) We did it! Another lovely Christmas in the books! It’s kinda funny though, this year, becauseContinue reading “The Ho-Ho-Holidays”