August 20th is Fascinating

Hello friends! It’s fall, y’all! Okay, it’s not, and I’m sorry, but now it’s out of my system. But I’m fully bought in on flannel, coffee, pumpkins, baked goods, and sitting down to write the next great American novel (because that’s what you do all autumn long yes? Along with crocheting cute things and cuddlingContinue reading “August 20th is Fascinating”

A Little Late Summer Ramble

Hi friends! We had the briefest respite in the heat, and I am riding that high for as long as I can. Although it does look like the cooler (think high 80s low 90s) will become the norm more and more. I’m not quite ready to give up on summer, I am a summertime babyContinue reading “A Little Late Summer Ramble”

Storm a’Comin’

Hello friends! We had quite the storm the other day. It was super fun, but only because it came with a downpour and soaked everything. Some much needed moisture. Unfortunately, we’ve had some crazy humidity since then, which we are not super built for around here, but that’s the price you pay, I guess. IContinue reading “Storm a’Comin’”

Garden Days!

Hello friends! Still stuck in the sling and getting progressively more annoyed at it by the moment. It’s my own stupid fault, but that fact isn’t helping me be any less whiny and overdramatic about the whole thing. So, shorter post, but I did take lots of garden photos! I think we are probably aContinue reading “Garden Days!”

Open for Baby Cow Photos!

Hi friends!I have new baby cow photos! Not many because obviously the mamas did not want me anywhere near, but baby cow photos nonetheless! Honestly, do I even need to write a post this week? What could I possibly say to top baby cow photos? The all black one is a little 5-day old boy,Continue reading “Open for Baby Cow Photos!”

You Just Have To Wiggle It

Hi all! It’s a sunny, warm day today, and I am sitting out on my back porch enjoying a breeze. It’s really lovely, I’m very lucky to be living here with my family and friends. That being said, I’m going to need to move inside soon, because I need to plug in my laptop, andContinue reading “You Just Have To Wiggle It”

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Hello Friends! How are we today? We survived another week, so that’s cause for celebration in my book. It’s been 100+ degrees for a while now, ranging up to about 109 so I can say with certainty that surviving is a massive accomplishment. I have garden pictures this week! The beans are taking off likeContinue reading “It’s Getting Hot In Here”

A Week of Prep Work

HI friends! This week has been busy busy busy. We had lots of shopping to do, so we spent a lot of time in town, and I had a super fun event to prep for!My little cousin is going to come out and try her hand out horseback riding! She’s been asking for a while,Continue reading “A Week of Prep Work”

It’s Too Warm!

Hi friends!It’s hot today! It’s actually one of the cooler days this week though. It’s unseasonably warm, today is 98 degrees, usually we are happily sitting mid eighties around late may early June, but this week we hit 106. I wish I was joking.I’ve had to modify a lot about my schedule this week, whichContinue reading “It’s Too Warm!”