A Very Busy Day

Hello friends! You’ll never guess what I got to do last Thursday. Let me set the scene first, because it was, in fact, a very fun day overall.  So we had planned to pack a whole lot into our Thursday evening, the to-do list was immense. Had some grocery shopping to do, had to runContinue reading “A Very Busy Day”


Hello friends! Let’s chat about winterizing since it’s starting to look like that may be next on my plate. I’m really not ready to see summer slowing down but that’s all part of the deal I guess, gotta explore all the changing seasons. And I do really enjoy that part of it. Fall is aContinue reading “To-Dos”

Why I Have Grey Hairs

Hello friends! So, my neighbors think I’m nuts. This is not necessarily a new development but I am reminded of it fairly often and just recently it happened again. So, my sweet Ro, a relatively steady, bombproof little mare has opinions on birds that range from “these wee things annoy me” to “this is clearlyContinue reading “Why I Have Grey Hairs”

Giving Thanks

Hello friends!Happy late Thanksgiving! Oh, my goodness what a day it was. Our extended family growing and growing, and I’ve started to joke that we are going to need to have holidays in shifts if we get much bigger. We’ve debated asking to utilize the church’s event space, but it’s not very cozy so I’mContinue reading “Giving Thanks”

Mid Week Roundup

Hello friends! I’m writing you a little early because I have simply so much news and I knew if I waited Thanksgiving would probably warrant some space in a post and honestly? These can get a little all over the place as it is haha. Also, let’s be real here, I’ll be in a foodContinue reading “Mid Week Roundup”

Feelin’ Foggy

Hello friends! I’ll be honest, this week is all just building around my wanting to share some photos. I decided to try my hand at some weather based photography and the results came out pretty good for my first real attempt. Fog is a weird one, and especially hard when you weren’t prepared for itContinue reading “Feelin’ Foggy”

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Hello friends! Well, it’s almost Halloween, and the trees have finally started showing their colors! You may have noticed the banner changing quite a bit on the site, that’s in large part because I simply couldn’t decide what I wanted it to look like and was having a hard time getting the colors to translateContinue reading “Rain, Rain, Go Away!”


Hello friends!I have a new family member! Little Hazel joined us shortly after the blog went out, she’s a beautiful, healthy little girl born to a healthy proud mama. We are all very pleased. She’s absolutely perfect. Her older sisters and father are over the moon as well, excited to get to know their newContinue reading “Homecomings”

Playin’ Possum

Hello friends! Wow-wee, it got cold this week! And blustery and rainy and goodness, fall is starting to feel very much like early winter. I’ve gone ahead and changed the site to fall colors, I’ll probably end up changing the banner again if we get some colors, but that cute little tree in the pastureContinue reading “Playin’ Possum”

Lots of Horsin’ Around

Hello friends! Important update. Baba ghanoush is fun to make and eat. That is all. No, but seriously, I was a little worried I had stepped well in over my head because I have zero Lebanese cooking experience and limited eggplant cooking knowledge. But it turned out pretty tasty and, if I hadn’t melted severalContinue reading “Lots of Horsin’ Around”