August 20th is Fascinating

Hello friends! It’s fall, y’all! Okay, it’s not, and I’m sorry, but now it’s out of my system. But I’m fully bought in on flannel, coffee, pumpkins, baked goods, and sitting down to write the next great American novel (because that’s what you do all autumn long yes? Along with crocheting cute things and cuddlingContinue reading “August 20th is Fascinating”

Goodbye, My Little Buddy

TW: Animal Loss, Pet Loss I was told once, shortly after my beloved childhood dog passed, that the unimaginably hard goodbyes are the cost of immeasurable love and years of the best companionship possible that only animals can offer us. Friday night I had to rush Sherlock to the vet because he suddenly, with noContinue reading “Goodbye, My Little Buddy”

It’s Too Warm!

Hi friends!It’s hot today! It’s actually one of the cooler days this week though. It’s unseasonably warm, today is 98 degrees, usually we are happily sitting mid eighties around late may early June, but this week we hit 106. I wish I was joking.I’ve had to modify a lot about my schedule this week, whichContinue reading “It’s Too Warm!”

Meet the Pack!

(or alternatively titled: Why My Windows Are Always Dirty) Happy Friday, Friends!We had a veterinary emergency this week, which overshadowed everything about the farm. Don’t worry, it turned out fine, but in order to not go on and on and dwell about the scary situation, I have promised to spend no more than one paragraphContinue reading “Meet the Pack!”