Basically I Wrote a Long Form Do-To List

Hello friends!I finally was able to get a dog grooming appointment and the boys are so much happier now with the shorter, more manageable cuts.Scooby especially absolutely hates being too hot, so the extra hair is making him nutty. Joe just gets harder and harder to keep clean and Watson ends up with tangles inContinue reading “Basically I Wrote a Long Form Do-To List”

A Very Scooby Story

Hello friends,Well, we need some extra good vibes (and prayers if you do that) for our little Scooby this week.Little guy has been dealing with cataracts for a while, the vets have said with his age and allergies surgery wouldn’t be an option but assured us that many dogs live long happy lives with cataractsContinue reading “A Very Scooby Story”

Caution, Mushy Feels Ahead

Hello friends!It’s the early early morning right now, but I’m up listening to the coyote’s yell. They’ve been pretty close lately, not that that’s terribly unusual. This time of year, when they move in because food is scarce and the neighbors have cows and sheep and the like.We are slowly settling into winter routine, althoughContinue reading “Caution, Mushy Feels Ahead”

She Cleans

Hello friends! Well, I’ve been trying to clean a little bit around the house, but decluttering is so hard when you’re basically a borderline hoarder. I wish I was joking. But since we’ve had to be inside more, and more importantly, since I’m working from my actual home now, it’s becoming increasingly necessary that theContinue reading “She Cleans”

Mid Week Roundup

Hello friends! I’m writing you a little early because I have simply so much news and I knew if I waited Thanksgiving would probably warrant some space in a post and honestly? These can get a little all over the place as it is haha. Also, let’s be real here, I’ll be in a foodContinue reading “Mid Week Roundup”

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Hello friends! Well, it’s almost Halloween, and the trees have finally started showing their colors! You may have noticed the banner changing quite a bit on the site, that’s in large part because I simply couldn’t decide what I wanted it to look like and was having a hard time getting the colors to translateContinue reading “Rain, Rain, Go Away!”

Playin’ Possum

Hello friends! Wow-wee, it got cold this week! And blustery and rainy and goodness, fall is starting to feel very much like early winter. I’ve gone ahead and changed the site to fall colors, I’ll probably end up changing the banner again if we get some colors, but that cute little tree in the pastureContinue reading “Playin’ Possum”


Hello friends! Pumpkins! Look at these pumpkins! Aren’t they cute? We took a couple to my uncle’s so they could decorate too, as well as some other produce. I don’t know if they will make it to Halloween, but I do think they brighten up the porch for the fall! They also prompted me toContinue reading “Punkins’”

Where the Watermelons Grow

Hi friends! Been a lower key week, except for work, but I’ve been working on a big feature launch so longer hours are required for now. Luckily it came about after the busyness of Labor Day, so the few weeks on long days are slightly more tolerable. I just get antsy sitting in one placeContinue reading “Where the Watermelons Grow”