Why I Have Grey Hairs

Hello friends! So, my neighbors think I’m nuts. This is not necessarily a new development but I am reminded of it fairly often and just recently it happened again. So, my sweet Ro, a relatively steady, bombproof little mare has opinions on birds that range from “these wee things annoy me” to “this is clearlyContinue reading “Why I Have Grey Hairs”

Squishing Ponies

Hello friends! In a happy turn, it looks like some of the garden that we thought was a goner is still with us! Some of our kohlrabi has come back, our potatoes are on their way, and maybe, just maybe the squash is holding its own. Pretty exciting considering the hard battle it had toContinue reading “Squishing Ponies”

Mail Call

Hello friends!Joe got some fun mail today, and he’s incredibly excited about it. See, ever since he was a puppy Joe has loved toys, especially Kong safestix, but he’s hard on toys because he’s an aggressive chewer. I try really hard to make sure about the time the latest toy needs to be replaced, weContinue reading “Mail Call”

The Event of the Season

Trigger warnings: vet stuff, needles, vaccinations, minor injuries, general farm medical dramas Hello friends!  It was farm call day last week, where all the critters on the farm that can get vaccinated, do.  This one was definitely a little rougher than the others, not going to lie. But it all worked out in the end.Continue reading “The Event of the Season”

Everyone Loves a Good Back Porch

Hello friends!Its officially work outside season, which is, of course, the best thing ever.Not only is there actual outside work to be done (like redoing the gardens) there’s also just “work that can be done outside”. Luckily, I can usually swing a couple hours outside with my work laptop before the battery starts screaming. It’sContinue reading “Everyone Loves a Good Back Porch”

Hippity Hop

Hello friends!Easter was fantastic at our house; I hope you had a lovely Easter too! (Or a lovely Passover or Ramadan).We got incredibly lucky with the weather. It poured all day the day before, and it actually snowed and blew and rained and hailed, etc. etc., basically the entire week before. We got approximately twoContinue reading “Hippity Hop”

It’s Blowin’

Hello friends!Winds blowing like crazy again. It does that this time of year, but it seems like it’s a little crazier this year. A little harder, a little colder, a little meaner.The other day it was blowing hard from the west, just a mean, terribly biting wind. This was especially odd since we almost neverContinue reading “It’s Blowin’”

Fix It Lists

Hello friends!The funny thing about spring time is that it’s always fix it season. It makes sense when you think about it, most things have sat around all winter, cold, unmoving, and without the general mini maintenance that comes with daily use.We have a little irrigation pump that we use to water the pasture andContinue reading “Fix It Lists”

Basically I Wrote a Long Form Do-To List

Hello friends!I finally was able to get a dog grooming appointment and the boys are so much happier now with the shorter, more manageable cuts.Scooby especially absolutely hates being too hot, so the extra hair is making him nutty. Joe just gets harder and harder to keep clean and Watson ends up with tangles inContinue reading “Basically I Wrote a Long Form Do-To List”

A Very Scooby Story

Hello friends,Well, we need some extra good vibes (and prayers if you do that) for our little Scooby this week.Little guy has been dealing with cataracts for a while, the vets have said with his age and allergies surgery wouldn’t be an option but assured us that many dogs live long happy lives with cataractsContinue reading “A Very Scooby Story”