Y’all Ever Just Shake Your Head At A Situation?

Hello friends!Okay, were going to start off with some…  weird? and kinda sad news. I’ve been putting off writing about it, but I am documenting the farm, and this has been a big, frustrating deal on the farm.Juliet has moved in with the neighbors, and no longer lives on the farm. The good news is,Continue reading “Y’all Ever Just Shake Your Head At A Situation?”


Hello friends!I have a new family member! Little Hazel joined us shortly after the blog went out, she’s a beautiful, healthy little girl born to a healthy proud mama. We are all very pleased. She’s absolutely perfect. Her older sisters and father are over the moon as well, excited to get to know their newContinue reading “Homecomings”

Lots of Horsin’ Around

Hello friends! Important update. Baba ghanoush is fun to make and eat. That is all. No, but seriously, I was a little worried I had stepped well in over my head because I have zero Lebanese cooking experience and limited eggplant cooking knowledge. But it turned out pretty tasty and, if I hadn’t melted severalContinue reading “Lots of Horsin’ Around”

Cats, Cameras, and Canals (oh, my)

Hello there!It’s getting warm out! Oh my goodness, the flowers are starting to bloom, the animals are shedding winter coats, and it’s been a lot of fun to work on the porch when we can. It has been windy though, we lost a flag this last storm, tattered itself to pieces before we could wrestleContinue reading “Cats, Cameras, and Canals (oh, my)”