A Very Busy Day

Hello friends!

You’ll never guess what I got to do last Thursday. Let me set the scene first, because it was, in fact, a very fun day overall. 

So we had planned to pack a whole lot into our Thursday evening, the to-do list was immense. Had some grocery shopping to do, had to run to the dollar store, needed to swing by the vet, and stop by the local mart for a few things. On top of it, we were battling smoke from a local wildfire. Something we are still doing but I digress.

I was already feeling super accomplished by the time I got to the little used bookstore in town that I love and try to frequent whenever I get the chance. I was looking for two specific books, one a fairly new release and one a very obscure topic, so I knew I was probably out of luck, but I ended up finding something a little different, a murder mystery that had been recommended to me but I’d never read. That means I still need to find those two books, but I got to support a local business regardless. I was definitely trying to sneakily read that book when we stopped to eat at our local drive-in and it’s sitting on my nightstand, waiting for a break in work or a late night binge.
But that’s not what I am excited about, although I am actually super excited about getting another book, it’s legit an addiction at this point. No, what I am excited about is what happened at the farmer’s market. 

So we got there a little early, and at first we thought we would just walk down to the thrift store to wait but it turns out that thrift store doesn’t really exist anymore. I’m not in town nearly as much as I used to be so I really don’t know when that changed, but there’s a new business planning to move in soon. I’m hoping it’s something cool. We shall see. Anyways, because that was kinda a flop, I was walking around the little park area trying to find some shade and take some pictures of the historic train depot that serves as the centerpiece for this park (and town, if we’re being honest). The historical society has done an incredible amount of work restoring the building in the last couple of years and it really shows. So I was admiring the exterior of the building in all its restored glory. 

This nice gentleman, who has been scurrying around the place, accidentally walks right into my photo. He apologized, I told him it was absolutely no worries at all, I was just admiring the beautiful building. I assumed he was part of setting up the farmers market, not that it would have bothered me either way, it’s a public space, I can’t expect to monopolize the whole exterior of the building. He agrees it’s a lovely building, casually mentioned that he was on the board that helped restore it, and then ASKED IF I WANTED TO HAVE A QUICK PEEK INSIDE! To say I was excited was an understatement. I haven’t been in the building since long before its restoration and never have I gotten to be inside when it was just me (and a couple family members, I’m not looney enough to enter an empty building with a stranger alone, I watch true crime). The restoration team did a beautiful job! The woodwork was stunning and everything was so tall! For reference, all these photos were taken from my eye height, which would put them just a little under five feet off the ground. He let me take pictures of all the historic information laid out and shared some of its history. He reminded us of the very dated green everything used to be and how hard the team had worked to bring its glory days back after it had fallen into some serious disrepair. It was a wonderful treat, I could have walked around in there all day!

After we let the gentleman go back to his duties (I was right, he was actually helping set up the Market, but not as a vendor, he was helping run electrical from the depot to the vendors as needed, working on behalf of the depot. He also briefly employed my cousin at his shop in town, which is neither here nor there, but it shows how small small towns can be sometimes), we did in fact walk around the booths. I bought a honeydew that was borderline too big. I should have captured a picture, but it was 107 degrees and that melon barely hit the counter before we indulged. It lasted us a couple says though, and was the perfect late summer treat. 

I also bought some sweets from a little lady I know in town. She’s been struggling since her husband died and she had a stroke, and she is very proud of making her living on her sweets at various markets. Unfortunately, I had to bin those, because while I’m sure she makes delicious sweets, they did not appreciate the heat and were not exactly…. safe to eat anymore. Luckily, in that situation, you don’t buy things to actually get them, you are supporting a neighbor. The sweets would have been a bonus, but it was money well spent either way.

I also met a very cool guy selling lavender products from plants he grows, and I may have worked out what some of my Christmas present plans are. I like to buy locally when I can, so if I know you well enough to get you a gift, you can probably assume it’s something from a small business around here.

Also bumped into my neighbors from the orchard down the way. They had a booth, but were sold out of my favorite jam, so I’ll have to swing by the orchard itself later on. 

Welp, now I’ve made myself hungry and want something fruity and cold to snack on, so I’m headed to the kitchen.

Until we chat again my friends!


Software Engineer by day, part-time farmer, blogger, and critter keeper by night! Fueled on Faith, Family, and French Fries

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