Ehm, Oops

Hello friends!

So, short post this week, because I did this:

I took a pretty solid fall off Ro, and am not super keen on the slow, one-handed typing that is currently happening. Work has slowed down so much due to my hunt and peck.

I feel the need to point out, the fall was entirely my fault for making a poor choice, Ro did everything she’s trained to, she listened to exactly what I asked, and when I fell, she stopped and checked on me. She did so well that she even refused to move when I asked for some help getting her back in the arena (we were out trail riding) until I walked along with her, she was not going to leave her rider. She was, once again, a dream of a horse and I don’t deserve how amazing she is.

She also gave my little cousin her first ride this weekend. I felt bad, because I was not super prepared to handle a ride, but definitely didn’t want to cancel again, so there was a lot of low-key walking around. Ro and June did so well together though, June was having a blast and Ro took her job so seriously.

June was so brave too! I was worried the height of a horse and the wobbly motion would spook her (it does a lot of little ones) but the only tears she shed were when we told her to say goodbye so she could go home. She wants to ride every day, but her mom’s sanity, and my healing, we are starting with once a week.

I am actually in the process of planning out her next lesson so it’s more organized and sling friendly, and I splurged and bought “buddy stirrups” which are fit over the horn of the saddle and make for tiny tike sized stirrups so she can learn to use her leg aids and sit correctly in the saddle. She’s using her bike helmet for now, but as soon as I pay off my doctor’s visit, she will be getting a safer equestrian helmet. Unsurprisingly, after my oops, I am really harping on safety stuff more than usual. My helmet saved my brain.

Okay, that’s all for me, ice and ibuprofen are calling my name.

Until we chat again my friends!


Software Engineer by day, part-time farmer, blogger, and critter keeper by night! Fueled on Faith, Family, and French Fries

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